We are developing services to maximize website traffic.

  • PR / marketing support project
    for block chain and STO project

    We support the PR support and marketing activities of the block chain project in general.

  • WEB customer collection Direction Business

    In order to maximize the attracting customers from the web, we will complete the direction with one stop to search engine measures (SEO), WEB advertisement, SNS, CRM area.

    coming soon
  • Map Engine Optimization

    Optimize the Google Map and optimize the search results by "region name + keyword”.

    coming soon
  • Website production business

    We have strengths in "design" and "strong coding for SEO".

    coming soon
  • Media management business

    Utilizing the skills of Web attraction and production business, we mainly operate media for business people.

    coming soon
  • Planning and production of magazines
    and PR magazines

    We will propose effective PR planning for corporate branding.

    coming soon
  • Measures against rumor damage

    We provide measures against negative information such as various slander on the WEB and rumor damage.

    coming soon
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